My top 5 favourite tv series not in order


On my top 5 favourite tv series, I will not only tell you how I like them or why but also who it’s suitable for.

1. To start with it’s the Flash tv series. The flash is supposed to be a comic book super hero who is fast he does everything fast his legs are not just fast he can vibrate hand so fast he is able to phase through an object. Many companies made different flash tv shows but I am focusing on one, the CW Flash tv series. The flash series is exiting full of bad guys and villains for Flash to fight. Each season has a main bad guy which is usually defeated at the last episode of the season. Now I am up to date with my flash I have seen every episode released. Now the Flash tv series is suitable for kids, but season two and three are more violent but very rarely any scenes with blood season four will be less dark and more like season one of Flash in terms of violence. Over all I think season one is suitable for kids and season two and three is appropriate for kids with parent supervision. Season four will be suitable but is not released so I am not sure. But this is only in my opinion. I like it because it has a lot of action, and has scenes were something unexpected happens.

2. The Arrow. Arrow is supposed to be a superhero that uses a bow and never misses a shot he is also very flexible and his aim is extremely accurate.  The arrow is probably not suitable for kids, often you see scenes with blood. But season one is maybe suitable for kids. I am not sure about the other seasons for I am not allowed to watch them, because of violence and other things. Almost no villains, it’s more of the Arrow hunting down people who are rich and can-do damage to the city for their wealth   But it’s still fun and enjoyable. Again, only my opinion. I like it because I like any movie with action

3. Sherlock, Sherlock is an extremely clever detective and can tell you some random person’s life story by taking a glance at him/her. Sherlock is not very violent but has swearing here and there. Not suitable for young kids for example season two episode two there are giant wolves with red eyes but is later a gas that makes you hallucinate. And Other things which are violent or to intense, which is rare. it’s fun enjoyable but many may not like it for Sherlock homes is an extreme show off and despicable. I like this show because it’s funny and it’s a detective story.

4. Doctor who. Doctor who is an alien which has a time machine that is a small police box in the outside and a giant time machine in the inside he has 12 lives for he is a race called Time Lords if he dies he regenerates causing and explosion or not changing who he is what he looks like and what he likes. For example, before he regenerates, he likes apples when he regenerates he says I like apples then he eats an apple not knowing he hates apples and then says I hate apples.  Not suitable for small kids for it’s very scary, intense and unexpected jump scares are very often and in almost every episode which is why Doctor who is a cool tv series. It’s also fun to watch on a movie night, some episodes are intense, scary so if there is a night you want to watch a scary movie, Doctor who is recommended. Its also funny.

5. Designated survivor. Designated survivor is a Netflix original where one man is put as designated survivor on the night an explosion killed thousands including the president of the united states, which makes the designated survivor the new president in his place. Designated survivor has rare blood scenes but you can see a surgery taking place and buildings explode and people get shot, so is not recommended for kids. I like this show because of the intense ness and action.6

remmember this is just in my oppinion.


The fight



One early Saturday morning I am woken up with growls and meows, scratches and bashes. I walk downstairs to see the dog having a grip on the cat’s head and the cat is swung in circles around and around and around again until the dog lets go. I run to help but suddenly the cat runs to the dog and pounces. The cat flies a metre and kicks with its hind legs which forces the dog into a whirl. The dog lands with a thump on the ground. I run towards the cat to grab him from the dog, but I am to late. The dog has got hold of the cat’s tail and the cat is being dragged along the house. with adrenalin pumping through my veins, I ran as fast as I could and bumped the dog into the wall and at the same time sliding with the cat in my arms. I chased the dog to the moon, sun, all the stars and back again. I am exhausted when suddenly, a spark of strength and energy thrusts me forward, as the dog is slowing down I leap forward and land headfirst with the dog’s collar in my hand, as I pull down the collar the dog flips. We both go sliding for a few metres in the house until we both are bashed and bruised. She wiggles and twists my hand, she’s free. But then a shadow appears with a dark image of a cat standing guarding the door. The dog gets a fright, backs off but is too late, the cat is already scratching, biting the dog’s head. With a great bash the cat is sent flying away and out of the house. He gets up and runs towards the dog and leaps; the cat whacks the dog giving him a fright that sends the dog flying head first into the wall. The thump sends the dog fleeing for safety and I caught the cat as the cat growls in attempt to attack, and finally the battle was over with me and the cat as winners. The dog scurries away in shame. I hold the bruised cat in my arms and it sleeps, I put the cat on a soft pillow as the cat purrs to sleep.

Bath Time



It was early in the morning, on October 8, 2017 when I bathed my dog. But let’s go back to the night before. It was late at night when it started pouring with rain water. We could hear my dog jessie howl and howl. We heard her running up and down and all around our muddy garden. The morning came and jessie howled like it was being attacked by another dog. But she is the cleverest dog I have ever had. She pretended to be attacked so we would come outside to check on her. And she would run into the house like a cheeky crow stealing your food. Anyway, we knew her tricks but we could not let her suffer and not be allowed in the house. So, I opened the door she rushed in, guess what was the first thing she did. Go see if the cat food boul was full of food. But she caused the floor to get muddy when we looked at her she was covered in mud from head to toe. So, I said I must bath her, so I went upstairs and called her name. she never came up so I called again she did not come up. So, I had to carry her, by the time I got to the bath I needed one to but I was wet not muddy. I close the bath door so she wouldn’t get out and I turned the tap to the bath on and the shower so it would fill up faster. Then I picked her up and put her in and she hopped out like a speedy hair. I put her back in but this time forcing her to sit in knee deep water. She went crazy, I got more wet and she was out of the bath that happened two more times. Then I put here in for the last time, and she was about to hop out when I grabbed all four paws. Jessie wiggled like a mad worm, so I let her go and she was wet all over her ears were floppy and she hoped but I caught her. Then I stroked her and she was calm so now I could bath her properly. I looked and looked for a brush but no brush was found, so I had to use the brush you scrub the inside of toilets with I put soup on it and I put soup in the bath. And I scrubbed her. Jessie’s legs were mostly muddy. I finished the bath with no help what so ever.

How to have a proper Nerf war

Imagine all of your friends at a party. Each person gets a Nerf gun and the countdown begins. The second that countdown finishes, adrenalin will kick in fast. When you dive for cover and see darts flying over you, that is a speck of how much fun you can have with a Nerf war.

For those of you that don’t know Nerf here’s a brief intro. But if you know Nerf, then you can skip the intro. Nerf is basically toy guns that shoot foam darts. They do sting a bit, and there are hundreds of different types of Nerf guns. But anyway, this is how to have a proper Nerf war:

You have to start with building your base. You can use my laws of nerf war which will follow. First, make sure you have enough pillows, but mattresses will also do fine. Stack two large mattresses on top of each other, or four big pillows in a line with two on top. Then make sure that you can sit up nicely, without your head poking out. After that put pillows at the back so it’s more trench like. Once you’ve completed your base, it’s time to bring out the Nerf guns. The best guns are Rapidstrike, Rhino Fire, Hyperfire, Doomanator, Hammershot, and Stryfe. Then get an equal amount of Nerf darts, mags and Nerf guns, for each team. Start your Nerf war.


These are the rules I came up with:

  1. Make sure that everyone is wearing safety goggles. And use unmodified Nerf darts.
  2. No crossing no man’s land (the distance between you and the enemy).
  3. If you get shot, you’re out. If you play two vs. two, then the first team to defeat the opponent is the winner.
  4. Don’t cheat you can always restart.
  5. If two opponents run out of darts, each one can go outside and have a duel with one dart each.
  6. Headshots are not allowed.
  7. You can surrender, but if you do the opposing team may take you captive.

So now that’s how to have a Nerf war. You don’t have to use my rules. If you want you can put armour or a type of clothing that gives you extra lives or power ups and cool stuff like that. Anyway hope you enjoyed my blog.


My top 5 favorite Nerf guns in order

Now for those who don’t know Nerf, you could just read the long blabber of my favourite Nerf guns, or you could go waste your time googling ‘Nerf guns’. But anyway, these are my top five favourite Nerf guns:

1.    Now it has to start with… Rhino Fire. It’s fully automatic, about 25 dart drum on either side. It is not a trigger mechanism, but more of a button used by two thumbs on either side pushing down. It also has tactical rails.

Rhino Fire

2.    Now its… Rapidstrike. Fully automatic, it  has tactical rails at the bottom, and the top. It has an 18 dart see through magazine. Many people favour this gun the moment they pick it up because it has a good feel.


3.    Hammershot: It is a pistol, and the reload is cock- the- hammer style. It has one tactical rail at the top and a good feel.


4.    Brainsaw: It is a shotgun, and has a saw you can spin by pulling a tag. The reload is at the bottom back and the trigger is at the back behind reload. It also has four barrels which take darts on the side.


5.Mastodon: One the biggest guns besides Rhino Fire, it uses mega darts and an inbuilt 30 or more dart drum, and is automatic.


If you have more suggestions on a particular Nerf gun that you want details explaining how it works just ask me.

The despicable punisher

As I put my large, inflatable boat in the water, I jump. A sudden crash forces wind into my face with extreme pace. A gust of water splashes on my chest and cools my hot, sweaty body. But alas, everything is turned upside down. With a powerful jerk, it tips my life around and into the water, as my friend’s uncle capsizes my dinghy. I tumble and turn. With no clue of what’s going on, I desperately gasp for air at the bottom of my sunken dinghy. Now I am sopping wet and full of confusion. I hear screams and shouts from above. Suddenly I am drowning, for my air gap has been taken away. But I am holding on for dear life while my boat is being dragged away with me. I see my friend’s floatables being dragged along as well by Uncle Jack. They too are holding on for their dear lives. My friend’s younger brother called him, ‘the punisher’. I thought, ‘the despicable punisher’.